VPN True tutorial
  • What is a VPN?
    VPN — Virtual Private Network. The main purpose of VPN TRUE – is to keep you safe and anonymous within the Internet. To do so, VPN TRUE encrypts all your outgoing data in the network.
    Can I use VPN TRUE instead of my provider’s connection?
    No. Internet connection and VPN service – are different options. To use VPN TRUE you need valid/operating Internet connection (leased line, DSL, 3G, satellite and so on).
    How does VPN TRUE work?
    VPN TRUE adds new network interface as with work with direct Internet-connection. Your IP address is changed and all outgoing data is encrypted. VPN TRUE lets a connected device to receive data via public networks the way as if they were a compound part of a private network, keeping all the options and settings of such a private network.
    What is the difference between proxy and VPN?
    VPN connections are more stable and safe than proxy connections. Not all applications are compatible with proxy and most of them require additional settings to work with proxy. VPN connection does not require any additional settings for operating.
    Can I increase the connection speed using VPN TRUE?
    This really is possible as VPN TRUE avoids several speed limit restrictions, set by internet providers.
    Does VPN TRUE slows a device’s speed or Internet connection down?
    It doesn’t matter whether you use a paid program or a trial version of VPN TRUE mobile application, this app will provide you with the highest speed possible in your very conditions. But the connection conditions may be changed depending on current load of chosen VPN server andd the distance between your geographical location and such chosen server.
    In which countries are located VPN TRUE servers?
    VPN TRUE constantly increases the number of working servers. You are welcome to see the full list of countries inside any VPN TRUE client’s application.