VPN TRUE Terms of Usage

1. Generals

1.1 The terms of the use (further - Terms) spread to all subscribers of VPN TRUE software (further - VPN- service). By accepting these Terms, you automatically confirm your consent to using the VPN-service within the set regulations
1.2 Using the VPN-service with the violation of conditions of this Terms entails administrative, civil or criminal responsibility. The VPN-service reserves the right to to stop customer service in the one-sided order, without the possibility of recovery
1.3 We don't keep a log of actions VPN-users on the Internet. Gathering statistics of the number of connections, we do not have the personal data of subscribers. VPN-service guarantees the complete privacy and non-disclosure of any information about the User to third persons
2. Restrictions

2.1. Using the VPN-service is allowed only for private purposes
2.2. The list of restrictions (not exhaustive): Actions aimed at the incitement of national and international conflicts and racial hatred. Spamming and another activity that entails entering the IP-address to the blacklist. Distribution of viruses, malware and inappropriate content. Hacking Web resources, PC, create phishing applications. Selection of passwords (brute force), port scans. Illegal impersonate as another person or entity, the distortion of true information. Introduction of the inner workings of the VPN-service systems. Violation of copyrights and disclosure of commercial secrets: download, reproduce and distribute the materials without permission of holder. Simultaneous using the VPN-service across multiple devices as one user
3. Responsibility

3.1. VPN-service is not responsible for damage caused to the user resulting from the use or have no possibility to use the VPN-service
3.2. Service is not responsible for any damage caused to third persons as a result of unlawful action by user
3.3.Responsibility for illegal using the VPN-service is completely belongs to User
Thank you for the conscientious use of mobile applications VPN TRUE and respectful attitude towards other Internet user!