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what we do

What a VPN can do for you:

Open blocked content

avoid local internet limits, unblock websites

Better network perfomance

VPN works like CDN and optimize speed

Save your privacy online

reduce your digital footprint and increase safety

Bargain shopping and booking

Use the cheapest location for your purchases
We've spent more than 1000 hours for data collecting and analytics

How we ranked

In compiling the rating we relied on public information, available reports of companies, their pricing and security policies and of course the personal experience of our experts. There are more than 500 VPN service providers on the market, but most of them do not lend themselves to any analysis of reliability and security. This means that working through such servers, you can compromise yourself and your actions. Our experts have compiled a rating of the most reliable and affordable to everyone VPN.

Using a VPN, you will be able to connect to the Internet as if you were present in a different location, plus it gives you advanced security and privacy, because all the transfering data will be sent though your provider in encrypted packages. Basically it looks like you are connected to a trusted secured server for example in Norway and work online from that remote computer. Your government or network provider can see only that you are connected to Norwegian node, no more.

No, not only criminals 🙂 Any Internet user who wants to get access to locally blocked resources and websites, also any person who cares about online security and privacy. There are a lot of countries with unfree internet. Some countries block websites, the others block messengers or social media. If you want to avoid all these limitation you can install VPN on you device.

Our ranking includes best VPN services, the prices of which start at just $1 per month! But there are also free VPN options, but we don’t recommend it, check here why.

Yes, it’s legal. Even in countries where there is an official or tacit ban on VPN (like Iran or Russia), there is no punishment for the user.